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 3rd. U.S. Adaptive Open 

Haworth Country Club was selected by the Metropolitan Golf Association as the first country club in the Northeast to host one of six sectional qualifiers for the 2024 U.S. Adaptive Open Championship. This tournament hosts the world’s best golfers with disabilities; categories include Upper Limb Impairment, Lower Limb Impairment, Multiple Limb Amputee, Neurological Impairment, Seated Players, Short Stature, Vision Impairment, and Intellectual Impairment. This is the first year that players will have to qualify for this championship.

We are honored to partake in this historical moment in the golf industry, which supports our mission to promote inclusion and diversity in the game of golf. Participants of this tournament will travel from around the USA and other participating countries like Canada, England, Ireland, and Sweden, to name a few. All participants are world class golfers who, despite their disabilities, are determined to achieve their goals.

This annual event will inspire and elevate the human spirit with a message of never giving up and achieving your goals, despite any obstacles. An event that should be shared with others through all media outlets



79th U.S. Women's Open Qualifying


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